macarte Uniprix
General Conditions
1. The macarte Uniprix Program, hereafter referred to as “the Program”, is offered by Uniprix, a division of Pharmessor Group Corporation in participating Uniprix stores* of Groupe Uniprix in Sherbrooke and Magog only (hereafter referred to as “the Stores”). Uniprix, a division of Pharmessor Group Corporation and participating stores are hereafter collectively called “Uniprix.” The Program is the property of Uniprix, who can cancel the Program at any time.

2. This Program is available to residents of Canada who are 14 years or older. Those admissible become Program members as soon as they sign up by completing the application form in store or online at macarteuniprix.com, receive a macarte Uniprix card number and make a first transaction at the register with their card. The member’s signature on the application form, the returning of the completed form online and the acceptance of the Program Terms and Conditions via electronic means—or the first use of the macarte Uniprix card—constitute the member’s acceptance of these Program Terms and Conditions.

3. Uniprix reserves the right to modify these Program Terms and Conditions, their benefits, participation conditions, and the points required to claim a reward, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice, even if these changes alter the value of the points accumulated to date. Uniprix can withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any reward, increase the number of points required for a reward, or modify or regulate the ability to transfer rewards or benefits.

4. Upon suspension or termination of the Program for any reason whatsoever, Uniprix will have no liability to any member following a notice sent by electronic means and is automatically released from all claims by Program members in respect of such suspension, termination, forfeiture of or redemption of points or otherwise in respect of such suspension or termination.

5. Program points do not have an expiration date. However, if a member does not earn or redeem any points (other than those given by Uniprix on the member’s birthday) or conduct any account transaction in the first 12 consecutive months, the point balance will be reset to zero, following a notice sent by electronic means. In the case of combined accounts (see article 15), this activity is based on the group. The account will be considered active so long as at least one member makes an account transaction in the first 12 consecutive months. If not, each member’s account will be reset to zero.

6. From time to time, members can obtain products or rewards other than points, based on their purchase behaviour. The delay in claiming products and rewards can vary depending on the rules set up for the promotion in question.

7. Uniprix reserves the right to put the Program and its promotional offers at members’ disposal based on their activity involving the purchase of admissible products in store, their participation in the program or the information they provide.

8. Points must be accumulated and rewards claimed in compliance with Program Terms and Conditions. Points have no monetary value and are not refundable.

9. The card is not a credit card.

10. When it comes to exchanging Uniprix points for rewards, the Program member releases Uniprix from all responsibility and liability as related to the exchange and use of the reward or any loss or damage caused by the products or services provided as rewards.

11. Any abuse or fraudulent activity in connection with the Program, including but not limited to any failure to follow the Program’s Terms and Conditions, the sale or barter of rewards, misrepresentation of information pertaining to the Program, or any other inadequate behaviour—as determined solely by Uniprix—or inappropriate behaviour or harassment of Uniprix personnel, or any refusal to obey personnel instructions, may result in the cancellation of the member’s account, their disqualification in the Program and the cancellation of their points. Uniprix, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the membership, take back or cancel the card, cancel any accumulated points, refer to the courts, and recover any damages and taxable legal fees.

12. Uniprix reserves the right to interpret and enforce the policies and procedures found within these Terms and Conditions. Uniprix’s decisions are final and without recourse in all cases.

13. Allow up to 48 hours for points to be credited to a member’s Program account.

14. Program points are not transferable from one member to another but can be combined with other family members’ accounts (see Article 15).

15. Up to five (5) members of the same family, aged 14 or over and residing at the same postal address, can combine accounts, on condition that all family members have a valid email address. To combine two or more accounts, the member who initiates this request must submit the request online, log on to their account, select the “Combine my account” option and provide the required information. The other family members will receive a confirmation request by email and must log on to their account to authorize the combining of accounts. The transfer cannot be completed without the express consent of the member who holds the points, and only within their lifetime. To separate accounts—for example, in the event of divorce—a member must make a request by contacting the Program’s Client Service Department. Every member must authorize the separation of accounts. The point balance will then be split evenly amongst account members. When combining accounts, the point balance is shared by all and can be used in part or in full by any member of the group. Members only have access to their own transactions. If a member deactivates their own account, their points will be given to the other members of the combined account.

16. Program members are authorized to know the information contained in their file, contest the accuracy of the data contained in the file, and make corrections to any incorrect information. To access their file, the member must visit macarteuniprix.com.

17. Members who do not provide a valid email address will not receive promotional offers or Program communications from Uniprix.

18. Uniprix will be exonerated from all responsibility resulting from an error or omission concerning the accuracy of information contained in these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Information

19. Uniprix shall maintain the privacy and security of all personal information collected from macarte Uniprix Program members, such as, but not limited to: name, address, email address, telephone numbers, date of birth, account number, and purchasing information (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information”). By joining the Program, the member authorizes Uniprix to collect and use their Personal Information in order to keep their file up to date and communicate commercial or Program information. From time to time, information provided to Uniprix may be used to provide members with information, products, services, and special offers from Uniprix and its Program partners. If a member does not want their information used for these purposes, they must contact the Program’s Client Service Department at 1 844 MACARTE (622-2783) or visit macarteuniprix.com to update their profile.

20. From time to time, Uniprix may solicit additional Personal Information from Program members. If a Program member refuses to provide supplemental information, their membership status will not be affected.

21. Uniprix will not give, rent or sell its Program member lists to any organization or individual. Uniprix will allow limited and secured access to customer information by authorized entities under its strict supervision and/or which are contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information solely for the purposes of assisting Uniprix in the analysis of customer information.

22. Uniprix agrees through these Terms and Conditions to respect the provisions outlined in the Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels dans le secteur privé du Québec (hereafter referred to as “the Law”) as well as any other applicable federal or provincial law. When the Law or any other law grants the Program member protection in addition to that outlined in the Terms and Conditions, Uniprix agrees to undertake all necessary measures in order to fulfill these additional measures.

23. Electronic communications include emails and text messages.

Program Enrollment

24. To participate in the Program, a customer must become a member of the Program. Simply fill out a Program application form legibly at any participating store in Sherbrooke and Magog or visit the macarteuniprix.com website or mobile site and complete the online form, accept the terms and conditions online, print the form, and bring the confirmation message to any participating store in Sherbrooke and Magog to receive a macarte Uniprix.

25. A valid email address is needed to become a member of the Program. Membership is free and no initial purchase is required. A sign-up bonus will only be issued once the member’s profile is complete.

26. Cardholders of a store’s Uniprix Beauty Card who join the Program will have their Uniprix Beauty Cards cancelled and any amount accumulated on the card will be transferred and converted into points on their macarte Uniprix card, so long as they specified on their Program application that they have a Uniprix Beauty Card and indicated the card number. Otherwise, Uniprix Beauty cardholders have 3 months to request the transfer of their Uniprix Beauty purchase balance to their macarte Uniprix card and have the amount converted into points. After this time, the purchase balance on their Uniprix Beauty Card will be cancelled.

27. A corporation, business or other legal entity cannot become a Program member.

28. Only one individual per account can join the Program under their legal name.

29. Only one macarte Uniprix card will be issued per holder. Holders each possess a unique card number, cannot share their Uniprix account with anyone and must not share their Personal Information or password with anyone. The card is the property of Uniprix and must be returned upon request.

30. Membership is non-transferable.

31. No retroactive credit will be given for purchases made before the first transaction activated with a macarte Uniprix card.

32. Uniprix employees are eligible to participate in the Program and can earn points on personal purchases only.

33. In the event a macarte Uniprix card is lost or stolen, or should any changes be made to the cardholder’s Personal Information (as hereinafter defined) including their name, address, phone numbers, and email addresses, the Program member must immediately advise Uniprix at macarteuniprix.com or at the cosmetics counter in store. In the event the card is lost or stolen, the member will receive a new card on presentation of a piece of valid ID. The balance of Uniprix points earned and not exchanged will remain the same. Uniprix will cancel any points earned in the account if the member falsified their Personal Information.

34. The Program membership card is only available to individuals. No Uniprix points will be awarded if Uniprix suspects that the products being purchased are for commercial purposes. Any points earned in such a case will be cancelled.

Collection of Points

35. To collect Uniprix points, a member must make eligible purchases at a participating Uniprix store using their personal valid Program card, or valid Program barcode (virtual card) on their mobile device by presenting it to the cashier at the start of the transaction. The cashier cannot process transactions on presentation of a facsimile or photocopy of the card or using only the card number.

36. Program points are earned in segments of 5 points per dollar spent (before taxes) at participating Uniprix stores on eligible products only. Points will be rounded up to the point closest to the total transaction, before taxes (e.g.: A $7.88 transaction on eligible products will earn a member 40 points. However, a $7.84 transaction on eligible products will earn a member 39 points.

37. Members who are 60 or older and have a senior’s card will receive 10% off eligible, regular-priced Uniprix products. In this case, points will be earned on the total amount of eligible purchases, before taxes, after the 10% discount has been applied. Points will therefore not be earned on the 10%-discount portion of the purchase.

38. Points per dollar in purchases will also be awarded for purchases made with a rain check. These points will be equal to those awarded on the date of issue of the transaction.

39. No points will be awarded for prescription or over-the-counter medications (products governed under the Pharmacy Act and other applicable laws), purchases made at certain outside merchants who operate in participating stores (e.g.: transit tickets and passes, lottery tickets, products offered at Canada Post counters, and calling cards), delivery fees, account payments, bottle deposits, the purchase of Uniprix gift cards, and any other product that, from time to time, Uniprix may choose to exclude from the program.

40. No points will be awarded for purchases made via home delivery. Members must request their points using the “I forgot my card” process (see Article 39).

41. If a member forgets to present their macarte Uniprix card during a transaction, the member who wants to claim their points must have an active macarte Uniprix card (with at least one transaction made in the last 12 months). The “I forgot my card” process works as follows: Points earned can be claimed at any participating store within 30 days of the purchase. Limit of three (3) transactions dated on the same day. To claim their points, a member must go to the cosmetics counter or the store manager or visit macarteuniprix.com, log on to their account, choose the “I forgot my card” option, and complete the required information. (The member must have their receipt in hand.)

42. An overview of the Program is available in a brochure that can be obtained at any participating store. Bonus Points can be earned from time to time on the purchase of specific products or services, for special events and when a member enrolls in the Program.

43. The total number of points per transaction is indicated on the sales receipt (regular points, Bonus Points, current balance, and total balance). If, due to a technical error, the balance does not appear, members can go online to view their account balance and profile any time at macarteuniprix.com.

44. Uniprix will do everything in its power to credit points as adequately as possible, but it is up to the member to retain all relevant documents, such as sales receipts on eligible Program products, that must be presented to collect unawarded points.

45. In the event of a member’s death, the account will be closed and all points earned in the account will be cancelled, unless these points are part of a combined account. In such a case, the points will remain in the joint account for the remaining group members. Uniprix points are indivisible, notably in the case of divorce, except in the case of a prior fusion of accounts (see Article 15).

Exchanging Uniprix points

46. Points earned in the Program can be exchanged for discounts that can be used to pay a statement in part or in whole, before taxes (except on ineligible products; see Article 37), or for rewards, in any participating store. In accordance with Federal and Provincial tax legislation, GST, PST, HST, and any other applicable taxes are calculated and payable on the full amount of the purchase price before any reduction for redeemed rewards and must be paid by the Program member.

47. A member can use their points to pay transactions on eligible products:
     a. Except for deliveries (where an order is delivered).
     b. If they present their macarte Uniprix card before paying for their transaction.
     c. If their member profile is fully completed (application form).
     d. If they are the cardholder of the macarte Uniprix card being used to pay in points (a valid ID is required).
     e. If the number of points available in the account is more than the minimum amount required to complete the exchange (see Article 47).

48. Points are redeemable at a rate of 5 points per 1¢, although a minimum exchange of 2,500 points is required, equal to $5.

49. The member cannot surpass the total amount of eligible products (before taxes) when paying with points (set at $250 per day).

50. The number of points needed to obtain the desired exchange will be subtracted from the member’s account balance. Non-exchanged points as well as points earned during the current transaction, if applicable, will remain in the member’s account and can be used in a subsequent transaction.

51. Except for gift cards, all products ineligible to earn points (see Article 37) cannot be paid for with points. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase prescription or over-the-counter medications (products governed under the Pharmacy Act and other applicable laws).

52. Points can also be exchanged for rewards at various Uniprix partners, outlined in the catalogue available online. The value of these rewards may vary.

53. Payment using points does not prohibit the member from earning points (base points and Bonus Points) on admissible products during a transaction.

54. Uniprix reserves the right to limit the number of points in any exchange to 125,000 per day (equal to $250) or any other parameter for a given period (promotion).

55. In the event a product is returned, the portion paid with points will be reimbursed with cash.

56. Uniprix cannot be held responsible for any points exchanged by any person if the member did not alert Uniprix beforehand that their card was lost or stolen by contacting the Program’s Client Service Department, visiting macarteuniprix.com or informing an employee at the cosmetics counter. The member must assume the entire responsibility of points exchanged beforehand. Any points redeemed prior to notification shall be at the member’s risk.

57. From time to time, Uniprix may announce or plan exclusive offers for select Program members where they can exchange points for items, take advantage of various benefits or receive other discounts.

*Succursales Uniprix participantes :
Annie Lamontagne et Stéphanie Moffet
904 Principale Street West
Magog (Québec)
819 843-5003

Isabelle Fauteux
1850 King Street East
Sherbrooke (Québec)
819 564-2101

Chemika Mamodehoussen
610 King Street East
Sherbrooke (Québec)
819 569-9251

Geneviève Breton et Philippe Tourigny
2235 Galt Street West
Sherbrooke (Québec)
819 569-9349

Simon Grégoire et David Thibault
330 rue des érables
Sherbrooke, (Québec)
819 823-1515